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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Current Idea for Nursery


We bought a Stroller!

There are only 3 or 4 things that I want to buy before I get too huge.
one of them is a stroller(travel system).
The others are:
Convertible Crib
Changing table
Diaper Bag

Yes it seems bare bones but I feel like I can fill everything else in as I go.

Either way, we found Orbit Baby
and it seemed to fit our lifestyle and wants and needs pretty well. So we began shopping for one. New they are so very expensive so we started looking on ebay, second hand stores and such. We found a floor model of an older model at a local baby shop for a pretty good price but it was pretty USED still. Then Doug used his internet magic and got a brand new latest model on ebay for LESS than the local store was going to sell us one for even with shipping!
We are waiting for it to arrive(until then it will seem too good to be true)

I feel very parent-ish after this purchase--lets hope we like it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lighting solution for us?

Found this house on Dwell.  WOW!  These lights must cost a fortune, but I want them--maybe I can buy one at a time?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gwenny & Auntie M

Jen and her beautiful daughter came to visit this week.  If you recall, I was there when Gwen was born
It was fun to see her in all her girlie cuteness--Come back and visit again!

Fun Pic from Mike & Sammi's Wedding

This Me with my Sister Leslie and my Brother Michael.  We look different but the same, like most siblings I guess.  I love this pic because my Brother looks so proud and grown up.  He and Sammi were married last summer and I haven't posted any pics because I have received any yet(hint hint :))  I found this one on my mom's camera randomly and wanted to share it--m

Thursday, April 21, 2011

20 Weeks

We are behind again.  Doug has been non stop working to meet 2 big deadlines and I have also been super busy with my work as well.  PLUS I need to at least be wearing makeup to be photographed and that rarely happens these days.  Although, I have found that if I wear this lip gloss people often tell me I have "that pregnancy glow"

Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss, Berry Fit 400

 So life is busy.  Also, after our ultrasound my midwife called to let us know that the radiologist found two cysts on our baby's brain called Choroid Plexus.  After some major research and a few deep breaths followed by a few big decisions we are moving forward with fingers crossed that we are part of the 99% that never see any effects from this diagnosis.  He is perfect in every other way, and we are having fun preparing for his arrival.
Note: the outfit I am holding is a gift from my childhood friend Jen.  the shirt says: "Mommy;s little guy"--LOVE

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Boy Weber at 19 weeks

That is what our disk is titled. We were referred to Millcreek Imaging Center by our Midwife and I am so happy we went!  It was the fetal photos experience but you also have a radiologist look at everything afterward to make sure everything looks normal. I am officially one of those women who post pictures of the inside of their uterus and yes, it is different when it is your own :)
We went in expecting to see organs and get measurements but the 4D part was such a GREAT surprise! We feel like we know a little about him(he moves a lot and fast, likes to wave and suck his thumb--you know, standard baby stuff) Count us amazed and excited.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 18

YES we missed week 17. I am not sure why, but we did and we will forever be sorry. What a huge change from 16 to 18! This week I feel a lot better even than week 16 and have started exercising again which is SO GREAT! Thanks to Leslie for making me buy the grey skirt that I always feel confident in--it was a coincidence that it was used 2 weeks in a row, but what can I say? I love it!
This shoot was 9PM on Sunday night and I was TIRED! Doug had to do his best to get me to smile and look remotely decent. We are starting to get the hang of how we want the lights to be so hopefully in coming weeks he will be able to just focus on his ridiculously camera shy subject.

This week's theme song:

Pre-baby weight

I found this photo on one of my cards and it was so fun to see me pre-baby weight :)
This was a self timer photo taken on our way to the Utah premier of 127 hours-fun times
and fun to have photos of pre-baby us!