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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doughnut Factory at Gma Webers!

Our New Tradition for the Day after Thanksgiving
(and a sticky, fattening one at that)

This is Aunt Susie's recipe with a little
Weber family love they turned out YUMMY!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Japan! Ready or not HERE WE COME!!!

Where to begin.

Well I could start at the part where Doug is ETERNALLY BONDED to his that isn't very interesting.
Or I could start at how awesome my b'day was but that is a little outdated....

AH YES this will do: WE ARE LEAVING FOR JAPAN in 4 DAYS!!!!

We are headed out early early Saturday Morning and will return on the 19th. Just in time for Happy Thanksgiving!
While we are away I will leave you with these little gems--if I get a sec I will also post some travel pics along the way. OOO if you want to check out one of the places we will be staying(complete with communal bath--look here to read all about Ryokans(traditional Japanese Lodging) here
Otherwise that's all til next time!

If you guessed that Doug was a Mormon Missionary for Halloween then you would be WRONG! We went as a couple from the 50's(inspired by the GREAT show Madman which all of our friends simultaneously pressured us to watch--glad they did!)