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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doug's Baby---sorry mom it looks NOTHING like us

Born May 4th 2009 to proud parents in Las Vegas NV.

Check it out! Doug and his business partners have put their heart
and soul into this project and hope that the world finds it useful!

If you go to the blog you
can catch a video of Doug and his friends talking about it.

This is very exciting on a number of levels--including but not limited
to me possibly getting to see Doug for a few days :)


Dear everyone,
We have had an extremely stressful
and busy month and a half. Please
accept our apology if we have ignored,
been cranky to, or otherwise made you
angry--bad behavior will subside once
we know where the hell we are going to
live and once work stops threatening
to end both of our lives.

Doug, Mickelle
and Cleo(who has
been treated horribly

So we didn't move yet--and it will most
likely be another few weeks still.

Yes we are still in boxes, yes we are
still phone stalking our broker and
yes we are on our last nerve.

The good news is that it will be over
soon enough and after waiting for 3 months
to buy this place we have really had a chance
to dig deep and determine that YES we really
do want to buy this property. This past weekend
Doug was so sweet. He had been out of town
and we hadn't seen each other for about 3 weeks.
I was melting down and fast because I had been
dealing with all of the contractors, the lender,
the seller AND both of my own buyers without him
for too long. On Friday he told me to forward all
calls and emails to him and he would take care of
it. So my poor sweet husband took the brunt of every
thing for 12 full hours while I turned off my phone
and dove into a full 4 hours of Tivo'd bliss.

Then he took the weekend off to spend with me(for those
of you who don't know us well this usually only happens
on Christmas and MY birthday) It was much needed and
really helped me calm down and breathe a little.
I never would have guessed that buying this place would
be the most stressful thing we have ever done together,
but it turns out being helpless and just waiting has
that effect on us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

yes we are still alive...

just barely!
We have been too busy the past few weeks!
Doug went on a business trip to Vegas all
last week and I went to Vegas to help Jen
plan her all important day--then met up
with Doug his last night--we flew home together,
spent a few days together and then Doug jumped on
another plane to San Fran for more meetings and I
am left here to deal with the house thing again!

Bottom line: Buying a condo is tough to do these
days and we just have to deal with it ;) Lenders
are really leery of condos because entire complexes in
places like Florida and California have failed and
banks have lost big--so patience is the name of the
game I guess.

For those that have been waiting we should
know very soon and with any luck be moving
in this weekend(finally)

In other news Our Brother Michael
got engaged to his girlfriend Sammi, our Brother Tom is graduating
from Pharmacy school this weekend, our sister
Missy ran a 1/2 marathon, We celebrated moms on sunday(love to
you both Alice and Heather!)

Exciting stuff!