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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

127 Hours trailer released!


"My" movie, as my mom calls it, has just released a trailer and it is so fun to see!
I feel like I got to see all of the fun behind the camera, the logistics of everything that was going on and all of that. What I mostly took away is that movies are made by people who are VERY hard workers. People who do the majority of the crappiest work ever and receive very little credit.
Luckily everyone at the top on this movie were gracious and very open to everyone on the crew feeling a part of the magic, but I can tell you: there was no shortage of insane work weeks, dangerous and grueling jobs and crazy drama :)

I am so excited to see it and hope it does well during awards season!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 Weddings and a Funeral Summer.

Doug's Grandpa Hawkins passed away a few weeks ago. We had the memorial service this past weekend which, as you may expect, caused me to reflect on my time with him the past8 years or so.

Mostly I heard things that I already knew: he was a very incredible man with a gift for listening and being supportive--even long distance. He was patient, humble. gracious and kind. All qualities that are hard won for most of us, but he possessed them all and had them on display, it seemed, at all times.
One quality that I have always been particularly grateful is his ability to be accepting of Doug and I despite our lack of participation in his chosen faith(and the faith of almost everyone in his family except us) I always admired his approach to the subject. He never once treated us differently or shied away from hearing about our lives as they are--as scandalous as it may have seemed to him, he never flinched.

Please do not misunderstand, this does not mean that no one else in the family is not this way, quite the opposite actually, but Grandpa, as was stated MORE than once during the Memorial celebrating his life, had a truly special way of showing he cared. No prerequisites, no nonsense--he cared deeply and completely.

What a Hero, what a life he lead--he will be missed.

We love you Grandpa!