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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Palm Pre and Me

I have been a Palm Pre user and Sprint convert for several months now(recovering from a very long term one sided and abusive relationship with Verizon)
Let me tell you this little phone is the first time I have fallen head over heals for
a device.
Ways it makes my life better:
1. it has an awesome camera--so less in my purse(or suitcase as some of you know it)
2. more than one app running at a time? FINALLY a phone that understands my manic multitasking!
3. Streams NPR live--wait maybe this should move to #1 since I am officially an all day listener(I just can't help it that Doug Fabrizio is so damn HOT--you too Teri Gross)
4. can you say virtual post it's?
5. full keypad--need I say more

6. Syncs with my life--After I got the Pre I stopped using my paper planner--let me tell
you, this was a BIG DEAL people--guess old dogs can learn new tricks afterall(assuming you get a treat like the Palm Pre :))

Reasons to dump your carrier and join Sprint:
1. Customer Care--REALLY? Do Verizon and AT&T think they can fool us with the name?
I actually got to the point when I was with Verizon of not being able to speak to them because I would automatically ask to cancel my account. Doug took over(because generally he is much more calm) about 2 calls in he suddenly started searching for a new carrier.
2. All cell phones are free? This happened to be a little bonus that happened about a month after I joined. Seriously? Awesome!
3. Since everyone I know if on Verizon and now all cell phones are free Sprint took the time to call and inform us we were WAY under on our minutes and that we could save about $50 per month if we went down in minutes we pay for. I almost asked the representative to marry me right there. It is hard to find a company to trust these days--the good ones are all taken(or out of business, or being put out of business by Walmart)
4. My monthly fee covers everything. GPS data, text--no nickel and dimeing--is this for real? I am a little traumatized still by Verizon and their schemes but I am learning to trust again and making so much progress!

OH and Dear iphone users:
DO NOT write to me about your phone--been there, done that, I've told you:
no religious wars on my blog, well, unless I say so!
(ps I am sure you are just redirecting your anger at me away from Apple, since you now have to pay A TON of money to upgrade--yea that would make me bitter too--get it? bitter apple?)

One more thing about the Pre and Palm: their attention to the open source community is rather refreshing. Anyone who has been through the Apple mess that is making apps for them can attest: open source is SO much more enriching and lets you keep your hair and your blood pressure where they belong.

So there you have it-me, declaring my unabashed love for the Pre. Time to go back to eating that lemon poppy seed cake my sis made for me for my b'day--Thanks Les!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Foster Art Program Report: John Sproul

Another piece that we have been fortunate to be fostering.
John Sproul's work was immediately intriguing to me because of the haunting nature of his subjects and the vibrant use of color--a strange and beautiful combination that made me want to see more, and more.
This piece has garnered universal dislike from all of our guests but for some reason, it calms me.
The comments have been mostly of intregue followed up universally with "what are they doing" many see athletes, some see slavery, others have commented on the strong same sex vibe of the piece. Me? I see common man and how we are all more the same than we are different--a lesson, sometimes the only lesson we should all learn over and over.