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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting ready for our little girl

Doug, Mickelle, Grayson and ????
We are getting close.  We are nesting, we are snuggling, we are trying our best to explain to him about her, and trying to comprehend ourselves.  Life will never be the same and it is heartbreaking, scary and oh so sweet.  We are preparing the best we can for birth while trying to allow flexibility for all to happen as it needs to. 
Best of all, we get to meet our little girl soon, finally.  It seems like it has been a long time for me and yet it seems like it is coming too soon. 
Cleo stayed with us for a few days and Grayson loved teasing her by sitting in her bed.  Cleo didn't really seem to mind much.
This kid is hilarious!  He loves posing for the camera and just owns whatever I put on him.  So much like his Dad!
Helping Dada work.  They are already best buds!
One tired little boy--he just wants to keep walking, everyday.  Good for everyone, but he sometimes gets a little delirious.
"Choo, Choo!"  In Heber, in the trainyard, Grayson was in HEAVEN!
He decided to read on his own.  I was hanging laundry and this was my view. 
LOVES trains.  Possibly more than anyone I have ever met.
Had to call Doug at work because I couldn't figure out how to make this bride work and Grayson just kept saying over and over: "Dada?! Dada!?"
This kid knows how to work an outfit hugh? :) 
Daily snuggle time watching train videos on YOUTUBE. 
First time he has ever fallen asleep in his high chair after a Wed adventure with G&G Weber.
He begged and begged for us to let him out in this blizzard.  Utah kid already!
Me and my adorable niece EE
Train station at Gateway.  We walk through nearly every day to hear out echo and see this mural(of a choo choo)
After playing in the snow at Memory Grove.  He was kind of mad we were leaving, but after 2 hours I figured it was naptime!