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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bench Family Pics 2010

Mike Bench Family & Grand-dogs

Mike & Sammi & Henessy

Tom & Les & Ruby

Doug & Mickelle & Cleo

This has been a hard year for my family in so many ways.  My dad was in a very serious car wreck about a week after these were taken.  I processed them and brought them to the hospital and hung them everywhere so that not only would he not forget that we love him, but that the Dr's and nurses would see just how many people love my daddy so they would do their very best to help him.  After a month in the hospital I am convinced they did.   I'd have to say, our family made it through a year that would have torn at the seams of most other families but we made it through--stronger than ever. 
Le's hope for an uneventful 2011 everyone!

THE "holidays"

Where to start.

My work, as is customary for my work, has been non-stop for the past month and a half or so.  I have been working on commercials and really meeting and working with some great people. The downside?
Doug is left to fend for himself with Cleo.  Those of you that have kids are rolling your eyes right now because
you think taking care of a dog is cake, but I am here to tell you-she takes more time that you might think!
And when deadlines are looming large Cleo knows just how to be needy at the wrong times!

I knew that I had failed as a wife when Doug asked me a few weeks ago if we should start Christmas shopping--DOUG: the grinch himself, the ANTI Christmas guy--his heart really does get 3 sizes smaller every year just for the month of December(luckily he has a big heart so he has some to spare)
 I was horrified at his question because Christmas was the FURTHEST thing from my mind and would be for another 2 weeks.

So this year I am making it easy on myself in every way including but not limited to forgoing putting up a tree.  I am a little sad, but mostly grateful because no one is disappointed.  Getting into "the spirit" takes a lot of time and energy that I just simply could not muster this year.  Being a wife is hard work! 

Doug's work has been insane and promises to just keep getting more busy--we are lucky to love what we do, but it doesn't leave a lot of room for much else(like a vacation!)
New Years Resolution? Work less, play more--

Happy Holidays everyone!