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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, I'm certainly not going to be without PLANS!

I don't know about anyone else but I was tired of the old and tired, family exclusive, dry(in all senses), and expensive First Night. I planned this year
to stay in, with friends and be bored. Then I heard about Eve: WOW what a change
this is going to bring to DSLC with it's amazing line up of events for ALL(young, old,
Republican, Democrat, saint and sinner alike!) Events are inside and out and there truly is something for everyone(including little Ms Cleo who may be attending the animal activities at the Gateway)
Check out the schedule and maps at their oh so glossy and easy to use website
From an art treasure hunt, to fireworks, to outdoor concerts to kids crafts all with free parking, dining discounts, and free transportation on the 31st this is the most bang for your $15 there is going to be on the big night and the 2 days before! I'll be there every day! I live in the middle of everything! All of the events are a short, free Trax ride away!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Adding on to the Box

You may remember last year's post about my desire to secure a holiday tradition that would both honor our beliefs and also the traditions of our ancestors(if not read here )
This year I found the box and the blanket--the box will sit under our tree as decoration during the holiday and then come out on Christmas Eve. This year we will write in our journals, snuggle in the blanket, and in the morning, make festive shaped pancakes(a new tradition this year)

Happy Holidays to all!

Santa Pub Crawl 2009

Since Salt Lake's Liquor laws have been significantly relaxed it has been a lot more fun(and a lot more safe) to have a great time in our capital city. Gone are the days when 21 year old kids were driving from bar to bar(because of the 2 per block limit) and also gone are the days of the cover charge--especially if you are dressed up as Santa!
Every year 300+ people crowd the bars of DSL dressed as Santa, moving from Bar to Bar, singing and generally making trouble. We were in that group for the first time this year--We had a great time with old and new friends alike!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Life since Tokyo

I have been kind of a slacker since we got home!
Our trip to Japan was truly a once in a lifetime
Since we have been home it has been a flurry
of events, shopping, decorating, and sending
cards and packages.

This year we will be writing in our Journals
and, as promised I am making our cd filled with
"Christmas music" from both Doug and I's families.

Still working on the Box and Blanket but those
will come with time.

Also, I managed to fill in every year since we
have been married with ornaments so now we have
2003-2009 covered! It is such a fun tradition
to have a family ornament--thanks MOM for
teaching me the importance of that!
Now our tree is full of memories from
each year!

The Holidays are my FAVORITE time of year
and this year has been no exception!
I love the hustle and bustle, tons of
family gatherings, reflecting on the
year with pics, videos etc and cuddling
up because it is COLD outside(now
I just need to convince Doug that we
need a fireplace :))

Thursday, December 17, 2009