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Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 24

This week has become increasingly uncomfy in the sitting department.  I feel like someone is sitting on me if I sit for more than a few minutes(standing and laying are ok still though)  We got our stroller and it is GREAT!  One baby item down, millions to go.  I am having a hard time decorating the nursery(it will eventually fill the space where we take these pics)  I feel like once I find a crib and a sheet set I like everything else will come pretty easily.  Additionally we are going to Lake Powell next month with our families so swimsuit season has never been more stressful! We start our Brio Birth Classes on the 26th, which we are both really looking forward to.  It is 2 hours a session for 12 weeks.  We had better be experts in birth after that long! 
This week may be the last that I can wear some of my regular clothes(except those are definitely maternity pants--thank you JEN!!)  As shown I had to leave the bottom button of my my vest undone(very classy indeed)
On another note, Cleo will NOT leave the room when we take pics every week. She knows what her job is and does it well! If there were an outtakes reel on this week her head was in more than half of the photos.
Like this:
"mom is it my turn yet?"
Doug and I know that if she didn't want to be there she would not be(examples are when the shower is on, she is nowhere to be found(hates baths) and when there is loud music(hates dancing))

Additionally, I get tired about 8:30 every night. Doug has taken a pic of me yawning every time and so I feel like I need to post one. The times that seem to be convenient to take pics always fall around the 9-10 PM timeframe so yea, I really look like this:
And I had to meet clients this day, I normally look a lot like a homeless person(go ahead, ask the Jenn Air repair man or any of my neighbors--I can feel them thinking that Doug and I physically are not a good match and that I must have a really great personality.) One of our neighbors actually described Doug as "practically a model" --not helpful to his wife who feels like a whale, but nice all the same :) Pregnancy is hard on the self image for sure!YES I KNOW you get a baby at the end. People say this to me ALL THE DAMN TIME--I get it! I am so very grateful and excited and happy to be having this experience, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard at times. Right?(please take these and all of my comments with the appropriate amount of dry humor and sarcasm that tinges all that I write and think and speak) Those that know me well are aware that I am a huge sap at heart.
This week's Song

and to Doug-I love you, this one is for you:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 22

Yea, I've never worn leggings(not jeggings J ;))  and a long tshirt before but I also did not plan on it being winter FOREVER. Pregnancy has forced me to get a little creative with my wardrobe because I am trying to avoid actually buying a new wardrobe.  Additionally if I don't tie something at my waist I just look fat instead of preggo.
So it looks like we are going to stick to every 2 weeks instead of every week.  Reality does not stop for pregnancy.  I feel like I am HUGE and, as every one likes to remind me, it is only going to get worse.  The toy is from my Mom-she gave it to me 1 pregnancy ago when I first found out I was pregnant.  Thanks Mama! The biggest change has been how intense the kicks have become.  I can feel him getting stronger which is fun. 

And then there is there is THIS:
My tummy has officially outgrown beer belly status(as shown above) He was totally sucking in--cheater!