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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's a BOY!

I have given up trying to be right about anything at this point.  Doug NEVER faltered from his BOY bet and it turns out: he is right again!  The ultrasound tech said that there is no doubt, and well, even to the untrained eye, that is definitely a boy!  Yesterday I went with my sister to buy my first baby clothes.  I brought home a onesie that says: "handsome like daddy" and wrapped it up and gave it to Doug.  It is official, with a few more months of growing and a whole lot of luck we will have a son!

This Nephew

"This is a water tank that hold water for our sink."

A post that is long overdue.
One day, and it was not a good day, my family was having a lot of hard things going on with my
Dad and I had miscarried yet again.  This came in the mail from a faraway nephew(and mailed by his mom)
and it just made my week!  I have had it by my desk since-it was a gesture so random and with such humor(this little nephew possesses humor in spades) that it made me forget my troubles and laugh out loud. 

Thanks Carson, I really needed a laugh and some perspective(and thanks Janelle for sending)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has sprung?

Well it is a warm day today(mid 50's=warm to us right now)
So I bought my first herbs!  I LOVE herbs and I LOVE spring so today is a good day.
I also LOVE second trimester instead of being sick all the time. 
SO I am off to plant before it snows tomorrow(yes, these will be container herbs in my kitchen at least
for another month or so)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 16

 One more thing is that I was really, really tender this week.  The reason you see two outfits is because on the first day(the one with the hat) I started crying in the middle of the shoot so we had to continue the next day.  My body(and moods) change more than I ever expected possible!  Doug is my rock, his ability to understand and love me always blows me away. 
Theme song for the week:

Monday, March 14, 2011

15 weeks--More baby than ever!

This was the first thing we saw today in the ultrasound--a perfect little reclining kid.  After this he hid from us most of the time(proof positive that Doug's genes are in there?--no sitting still AT ALL), but this was just so spectacular!  If you compare it to last week I like to think I can explain why I have been so darn HUNGRY!  Can you say growth spurt?
Next month we will find out the sex(until then we are calling it "he" since Doug does so with reckless abandon, not necessarily because he wants a boy, it just comes out that way so why fight it?)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh Baby!

14 Weeks and still kicking!(all 3 of us)

I went off of the progesterone this week which was terrifying to say the least.
My midwife, who I ADORE told me to come in for a "peek" when I started
to feel this way and so I did and BOY did I feel better after that!  

Why all of the Ultrasounds?  Well, I am part of the EAger Study at the
University ofUtah so that was one at 6.5 weeks, then I have had one every
month of my first trimester to just make sure that we are still on track
(since apparently my body doesn't recognize when a fetus is no longer viable)

I feel really really lucky to be surrounded by many women
that have helped me heal and help me get excited about this one and now
that I am past the scary first trimester, I am starting to believe them!

Thanks to Rebecca, Sue, and my family who continue to cross their
fingers and provide support when I am at my lowest :)

And to Doug--lets hope trimester 2 is more fun than 1--thanks for carrying
the groceries and rubbing my feet--oh and for not moving out.