Weberlife Instafeed

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to life--almost!

All I can say for myself is that I have been pretty distracted
with all of the stuff that comes from buying a new house and renting
another. We have been here a week now and I am still unloading boxes,
cleaning our old place, getting ready for the renter and finishing up
ordering some furniture--
Doug's race went really well. For those that don't know Doug ran the
Wasatch Back Relay--a relay race that is about 180 miles long from
Logan to Park City--Their team had a great time and although Doug
couldn't walk for a few days he was glad he did it--Thanks Mick for
planning it all in style!
We celebrated Fathers Day with my Daddy this weekend and will celebrate
with Doug's when they get back from their fun trip to Vancouver!
We are getting pretty excited to see Dan and Janelle who are coming
to visit from Minnesota for a few days with our two nieces and two of
our nephews.
Jen and Bryan are also coming into town to visit--LOTS of exciting stuff going

With all the craziness Doug called me after he left work this morning to inform
me that he had left his wallet in his pocket and asked if I could please not wash
it--I appreciated the warning--

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Movie

Scary, passionate and strangely awesome--downfall?
Leonardo DiCRAPrio---Not a fan

Story book ending--prepare to be offended in some way

Yesterday was the end of what I can only describe as
4 months of mental agony and non stop stress.
It was the perfect end to this story. Since the beginning
everything has been so stressful, on edge and
uncertain. If it is not one thing it is another--contractors,
insolvent lenders, timelines new guidelines, bad moods of
underwriters, incompetent brokers, failing banks: you name it,
we've slogged through it and it has been intense.

I was beginning to wonder if we were indeed supposed to give it up and buy
a McMansion in Draper and live happily ever after and resign to a life of Diet Coke sippin', 5.5 kids rearin', SUV driving neighbors(no offense--to most, this is what is considered the "good life") I have tried living in the burbs and found it isolating and mind numbing--I just don't fit in--THE END

Call me selfish, call me stubborn, call me narrow minded but I have found where
I think I belong and I was devastated that I might not be able to buy the ONLY
home that I have liked that has more than one bedroom(believe me we have looked
for over a year)

Yesterday our lender called to tell me we would have an answer by no later than
noon--so I prepared for the best and the worst and by 4 pm still didn't have an answer.
Since we have lived here whenever I get down, have a big decision to make or
just need company I head down to Carlucci's--our neighborhood bakery/eatery/coffee
joint--So there I just sat, and waited, and read and took in the surroundings, the people, the rain and how much I wanted to stay. Then, almost on cue, my phone rang--it was the broker telling us that we could close Friday at 5---I hung up, breathed deep and closed my eyes: Finally an end, and a good one.

In hindsight on the days when I want to give it up and move to Draper(or Sandy) this
process and the long hard battle will serve to remind me that this is what I
wanted--more than almost anything!

PS Moving Party on Saturday--unless of course all of my WONDERFUL friends and family
from the burbs have finally disowned me--Can't we agree to disagree that I hate your cities but I love you? C'mon! :)