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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am behind.  Life has been more than busy.  We have many things to write about, just not yet.  Soon though.  Fall is in full swing and we are living every minute. Until then: these pics from our life.  Thanks for checking in!

Grayson is a very contemplative little boy already!

Helping Dada fix our tire on my Birthday.  HE LOVES CARS!

After spilling a smoothie on himself and being stripped in the parking lot I couldn't resist this shot.

Loves his Dada.

Shopping again?!

Snuggle time is my favorite time!

Beautiful Blues.

On trend.  Boot socks are a fall must have ;)

Headed to the grocery store, this is on our way(Dinoland at City Creek)

Grandma B.

"I got this one Dad"

On our way to Grandma's.


24th of July at the Gateway Mall.

At the petting zoo.

Proud little stair climber!


Grayson loved this sheep and also the bunnies he got to snuggle this day.