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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Accepting defeat

It has been 8 weeks since I have posted.  A lot of that has to do with Doug being really busy, traveling and me being really busy.  But almost as much to do with the fact that I spend most days in Yoga clothes and no makeup(comfy and I have been doing as much Yoga as possible).  We went to Lake Powell and had a great time(I know there are pics of me in a bikini somewhere, maybe I will post them, but not likely)  and Doug went to NY twice and purchased his first onsie--he brought it home and it made me almost cry!  Also I have been trying to be helpful because my sister and moms(including Susan) and others are working hard to put on not one, but 2 showers for this new baby and I couldn't feel more loved.
One of my favorite parts about being pregnant is when strangers smile at me(read: not when strangers give unsolicited advice, that is different) it is fun to feel like we all have something in common and we are all human and in this together.  It is a feeling I wasn't anticipating(that and having my neighbors carry stuff for me)  I have been so lucky and my heart is warmed almost every day with random acts of kindness from strangers and the strength and selflessness of those close to me(you know who you are)  I think our baby boy is coming both into a family(including many friends that are family) and a world that is amazing, wonderful and full of much more good than not.  Yet another feeling I was not anticipating.

For one of the showers we decided to make a "blankie" and have everyone help(i love this idea) My Grandma Bench used to make us all a blanket when we were born and they were just the perfect size to grow up with. From keeping us warm, to providing comfort on the floor, to being dragged around for comfort this blanket was all of our favorite and so, in her memory we measured mine(above) and are going to make Baby Boy's the same size. It is times like these that you miss the ones that have gone the most. Most of my grandparents are gone, but their memory and traditions live on.

My goal is to try not to go 2 months again between pics--lets hope I can do it!