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Monday, June 13, 2011

Doug's Adventures

Doug has been working hard on this, his latest project, that is making waves in education. It has been mentioned here,and here.
And can be downloaded for FREE for parents who want to know what their kids should and will be learning here and here
It has been a fun adventure living in the unknown and often unintuitive world of ed sales.
I am proud of him and what this product is trying to achieve. Not only is it informative and useful for teachers(and free to schools to use) I think that with the FREE app it also gives parents a chance to be more involved and see how their child is learning and how they compare to other children in their class and in the nation.
The beauty of it really is that teachers are allowed to track mastery of skills but are not being forced to do so. Teachers are people too everyone--this product leaves the art of teaching up to the teachers, which is rare in these post "no child left behind" times.

Good start on changing the world Doug!
Check out MasteryConnect Here