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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter & The First Hike of the Year!!!

On Easter we had a fun time this year!
First off we ventured into our city creek canyon(5 minutes from our house)

Then we headed over to ma and pa bench's for a wonderful easter dinner.

Drum Roll Please:

Here is the bunny cake(courtesy of mom(made the cake) and Les(art direction and design):

Great News from Nebraska!

We had such exciting news from our sister in Nebraska
Rosie and Kevin are having a baby!
We got this image a few days ago!

Congrats guys! We are excited to have another niece or nephew!


The title says it all

Mom's b'day Celebration

We celebrated Alice's(doug's mom) B'day....Happy B'day Mom!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

First Girls Night Out(aka Poker night)

Introducing the players: Me(the low talking planner), Nat(the gentle and gracious hostess and mommy), Tiffany(the yellow girl who gib says lights up any room she enters)and Fischer(the perfect little angel baby)
We had a great time while the guys were glad we were distracted.

Our husband's have such a good time together that we decided to unite and have our own fun :) We gotta stick together girls(and Fisch)