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Friday, August 3, 2007

Dan and Janelle's 07 visit

Dan and Janelle and Colby, Leah, Paige, Carson came and hung out with us all day while they were in Utah. We went to temple square and WALKED a LONG way!

Thanks for coming to visit!

Rosie came to visit too!!

We were excited to have Rosie and Logan and Bryson come to visit a few weeks ago!

We had a great time guys! Thanks for visiting!

Our Brother Tom.....gotta love him :)

Just Awesome

Daddy and Me

Here is me and my dad.....see any resemblance?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some pics of Dan and Janelle's visit LAST July(06)

These are just a few of Doug's brother Dan's family members(Paige(above) and Carson and Dan)....will post more later!

Oh C'mon

I can't tell who the bigger ham is here:

The Fit- Oh so perfect

Here we are with the new car....when we moved downtown we decided that we only needed one car so we sold the two old cars and bought this one! Doug knew that this was the car he wanted but had to talk Mickelle out of the Civic she had her eye on-this is both of our first new car ever and also the first car we have purchased together-ohhhhhhh how cute!


We took a quick trip to Bristol England and London in we are at the Eye in London

Here we are in Bristol with Wayd and Alice--thanks for letting us visit guys!

Whirlwind trip to NY...

Recently I went to NY to work on a photoshoot there. I stayed with Dave and Shelley-What an amazing couple they are! It was really great to see you guys! Thanks for letting me crash!

New Friends!

Here we are with our great friend Christian-who also happens to hate being photographed(oops) We are so lucky to have such great friends!

Here we are near Solitude with Kyle and Sara-also very great friends of ours-thanks for the great time in Solitude-we had a such a great time-as always!

My husband the model....

Doug is going to kill me for posting this, but I can't resist-he was posing for a lighting test for me and vola! I had my favorite picture to date of him

Funny family photo

This is the funniest pic of Cleo ever....she looks as though she is being choked(haha)
This is on a hike we go on a lot that is in an off leash dog park-memory grove-

This Summer.....

We have been very busy!
We have been getting to know our new neighborhood, had many visitors, taken a few trips and have been working a lot!
This pic is from a really, really fun trip we took in the spring with Tom and Les to Moab. Tom and Doug did the infamous Slickrock bike trail and then we did a little hiking....we had a great time!