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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Revi 10 Months

 I need to get a tutu.  And some vintage inspired headpieces.  A tub and a basket.  Babies seem to like this sort of thing according to Pinterest and Etsy.  Perhaps later.  I just cannot resist the urge to show my babies as they are:  wise, complex and beautiful.  In our home.  The home that is truly ours in every way, where they were born, that we are making all kinds of firsts in, starting so many traditions. 

 Revi is a sorcerer.  A wise and deep person.  She clings to me still like she is a newborn at times and then others we find ourselves asking:  "where is Revi?"  She is keenly aware of her place in our family.  She is paitent and loving to her brother, who she seems to know is still having a hard time sharing his mama, she waits her turn, recognizes the toys that he cannot bear to share.  She'll tease him once in awhile but who could resist that?

She doesn't sleep.  She goes sometimes 4 hours at a time at night.  She then wakes up and proceeds to kick, hit and exclaim "hi, HI!!" until we snuggle her and wait for sleep to catch her once again.  This is genetic I am afraid and comes directly from me.  One day we will scheme and create together.  For now, I am exhausted most of the time.  A state that will pass as all things do with babies.

I cannot believe we are already here.  She is 10 months going on 30 years old.  She really is wise beyond her years and it makes me long to talk to her, learn her secrets.

She is signing and talking a lot.  Just like Grayson her words are: "HI!, Bye, Dada, Mama, What's That?!"  and mimicking whatever we say.  She is really great at signing which is so much fun!

Having a daughter is more magical and heartbreaking than I ever imagined.  Seeing a mirror image of yourself makes you understand your life in ways not possible otherwise.  It makes you long to right your wrongs and prevent theirs.  It is wonderful and horrible.  I wouldn't change it for anything.

She is our littlest girl, Grayson's partner in crime, our little Reverie.

My favorite photo of her to date.