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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hurry up, wait, be patient....Never mind.

The past few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least and it is starting to wear on me.
Before I go on I would like to make sure it is known, that I know, that I am lucky beyond measure and happier than I would have ever thought possible.  I thank my lucky stars every. single. day.

With that said:

It seems that life has been building lego towers out of bits of our life, each piece needing to fit in to place at the right time and the exact right angle only to knock them down at the weirdest times.  Yes, I do know this IS life and how it goes, but the stakes are higher, the consequences bigger than they have ever been.  And I am 30 weeks pregnant, which is right about the time when pulling on my boots is overwhelming let alone large life changes.  

We have gone from house hunting in a new state to that being cancelled abruptly and unexpectedly, to a wild ride of a funding round for Masteryconnect(which thankfully ended very well), to breech baby girl, to sick, teething, no sleep toddler, to selling our rental and then not selling, this lonely and isolating flu season and inversion, our heater not working for a week, and also, buying a new car(much against our will) after deciding that we could, in fact, manage still with just one to maybe needing two because another decision we were basing other decisions on was not really made and is ongoing.

And that is just the big stuff.

And me: huge, pregnant and with painful legs and a toddler that is on the go non stop. All the while attempting to keep it together because Doug is so very overwhelmed with what he is doing 12+ hours a day.

Again, remember I am NOT complaining, just overwhelmed, and in awe of well, LIFE and how it changes so fast.  

Part of this we chose.  Startup life is not for the faint of spirit.  The ups and downs of it all are part of what make it addicting to some.  It is what makes life interesting and is always a new puzzle to solve.

Sounds a lot like kids right?

Well, it is.

Add little kids in there and you have a recipe for needing everything else to remain the same:  Schedules, meals, naps,.....not, well, the entire list above.

And so, it leaves us wondering:  when will it settle down?  when will we be able to breathe?
The answer, it seems, is this:  This IS the good stuff, these are the good times.  Breathe them in, the good will eventually outweigh the bad and even if things do settle down, you will most likely wish for more excitement.  

Right now though, I would settle for a glass of red wine and an hour to figure out what we are having for dinner instead of listening to Grayson resisting his nap in favor of screaming for me.  Until then I will continue to try and make these moments my therapy.


All bundled up in our 58 degree house. 
He loves to read more than anything else
First real haircut.  He was fake smiling for the camera which was a first as well.
Christmas morning cuddle time while Doug made us breakfast.
Posing for pics with brand new adorable cousin E.E.
Our toddler tree.  No decorations at the bottom but we love it all the same.
The end of a very fun and adventurous era.  The Fit had to go so that our family can all be comfy and safe once the new baby comes.
Amazing scarf that Aunt Missy made him for Christmas this year!
Steering the cart and being cheerful.  What a cutie!
Eating breakfast in our warmest because the heat is still not working.
A quick hike with Dada.  Aren't they handsome?
Trying on our shoes is a new obsession.
Me:  Huge and pregnant with our little girl.
A new trick.  Time to change all of the doorknobs in our house!
Choo Choo!!!  This kid LOVES trains.