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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scouting it out.

Yesterday, as Doug was coming down the stairs, I heard a VERY loud THUD.  Since my desk sits under the stairs it sounded like he was falling ON me.  It turns out that he slipped on our stairs and this wasn't the first time.  Also, a year or so ago I slipped and hurt my ankle(which still hurts) SO we decided that perhaps we should get some carpet on the stairs to prevent one of us from falling to our untimely deaths.

So--the hunt is on and I am scouring the internet looking for what I want.  Here is what I have so far, tell me what you think:

 NOT the zebra print, but I like the width of the carpet in relation to the stairs.

This one I HATE the width of the carpet in relation to the stair width(not to mention I am not a fan of Zebra print--what is it with that today anyway?)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gpa Gallup

 Today marks the anniversary of his passing.  He was such a grumpy, hilarious, caring hardworking man.  I grew up very close to my grandparents.  After he retired from the Fire Department he and my Grandma sold their house in West Jordan and bought a farm in Mt Pleasant Ut.(who retires and becomes a farmer? Well, my Grandpa did)  He grew up on a farm in Montana so I think he wanted to return to his roots and Grandma was just along for the ride(what a good wife) Grandpa loved to play the guitar and banjo, farm and make creations in his wood shop.  He also loved his dog Ben.  The songs below are my mom's tribute to him today--we miss you grandpa.


Bike: Check!

I almost ordered the other one until I discovered that Amazon had a major mistake in the listing and listed it as a 7 speed instead of single speed.  SO I had to let the adorable Maroon bike go and find another option.  We were able to find it at a target store so we didn't have to pay shipping or assembly so it worked out to be the same price!
  Now I am just itching to ride it! 
 I got a basket for the front and am looking for something to put groceries in for the back now.
No, Cleo will not fit in the basket--but maybe she can learn to run beside for some MUCH needed exercise?

PS, My Dad(and mom) said it will be impossible to ride a bike with a "big belly"  we shall see!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grooveshark and sharing a playlist with your spouse

Doug is an expert at finding, using and getting others to use new technology.  He HATES itunes. HATES. It is somewhat unnatural how much, but in his defense: he found something MUCH better.>Grooveshark. It allows us to play music from our computers, phones(for the gym or car) pretty much anywhere you can get the internet without having to move music from one device to another(SO ANNOYING) and there is no limit(iTunes limits your devices to 3 or 4)  ANYWAY, we both use it a ton and the other day I was listening to our favorites list(see above) and it kind of made me laugh.  I hadn't listened to that particular list in quite some time when "Waking Up In Vegas" came on.  I immediately paused it and yelled up to Doug: "Katy Perry hugh" to which he responded:" I didn't add that"  After a long and drawn out discussion about WHO added the song we still haven't figured out who did, but it remains :)

A lot of the songs have been posted to this blog already, not surprisingly, but you can listen to our favorites list if you are interested(or if you like Katy Perry)

All the Love in the World

Our life lately.

So, since I am pregnant and constantly sick and CRANKY(sorry Doug) I have been trying to occupy my thoughts with what I am going to do IF I make it to my second trimester and IF I am magically not sick.(again, miscarriage makes you think of things much differently)
I have been wanting a bike to ride around town for awhile now and since it is SNOWING today I have been researching them.  I found this one for a REALLY good price and I think I might get it and have it ready for a nice day.

Everywhere I shop and do Yoga is closer than 5 miles(including my Sister's house) so it just makes sense to travel these places on a bike and not drive since I will be trying my best to keep my weight down. Salt Lake City is rated one of the most bike friendly places in America with lots and lots of bike lanes so it is kind of a no brainier. Plus I can put a little bike thingy on the back to carry said little one if we get to have a baby(they also have them for dogs in the case we don't)
So I might order this in the next few days--we'll see.

Additionally, Doug has been trying to work out more which is great!  He built himself a treadmill desk a while ago and I am so proud that he uses it almost every day!  One day last week he announced that he had walked 10 miles in one day of work!  WOW!  I will try and find a picture or take one, he is so handy and is a true engineer both conceptually and physically.  I am always surprised at just how much of a renaissance man he truly is.

My biggest job as of late has been getting the rental ready to be rented again.  We WERE going to put a fireplace in our house, but instead, and this is the fun of having a rental property, had to replace the water heater in the rental instead.  

It has been repainted(this time it is a pretty gray color--I will post pics later)  Doug is switching out the thermostat to a programmable one and it now has a tankless waterheater(your welcome renters)
Being a landlord has been scary, fun, time consuming and educational. It has allowed us to weather a really tricky housing market with relative ease so we are grateful for that.

One more thing:  we went with Tom and Les on Friday to one of of our new fav restaurants Frida Bistro
and to see this movie, which turned out to be HILARIOUS! Thanks for a fun night guys--it was needed!

Monday, February 14, 2011

BIG changes ahead!!

Today we had a good ultrasound so I feel better about announcing:

This is our 11 wk ultrasound and it looked "normal". Music to the ears of miscarriage
survivors like us!
Strong heartbeat, 2 arms and 2 legs and 1 spine. Doug took this picture and if you look closely, you can see a little heart where the face would be--what a great valentines day gift!

This song is one I used to listen to when I was a little girl and it made me wonder what it would feel like to find out that you are having a baby(back when I was also dreaming of my prince charming) It sums up the essence of what I am feeling.